5 EarlShepard

Very pleasant, thorough, and attentive to details. House will be relisted by Tonya in the Spring when, hopefully, the market takes an upturn. She was the agent who helped us find this house over 4 years ago. Because of her diligence then, we decided to contract her to assist us in selling it, so that we may relocate to another state. During our search, Tonya took the time to show us around the area, and pointed out various places of interest.

5 shershberger2001

Tonya is extremely responsive and responsible. When we contact her by Email or phone or text, she always responds in a professional manner and very timely. She keeps us up-do-date with information regarding a very difficult market. We know what is selling and what is not and the price points. She has very valuable understanding of the market. We have been very happy with her abilities and can-do attitude.

5 user29643572

I am currently working with Tonya to purchase a property in New Mexico. I now live in Arizona, so Tonya has been my eyes and ears as we venture thru this process. Tonya is very knowledge about New Mexico property and the various areas. Personally, I find Tonya to be unbelievably hospitable and honest. She will be a caring friend long after the transaction is complete. I highly recommend Tonya for all of your Real Estate needs.

5 m middleton0

Tonya helped us understand today’s real estate market, pointed out and explained many items in the listing contract that we were ill informed about. She is also very good about keeping us informed on a monthly basis.

5 melindabarela

Tonya Bush is very efficient and professional. She is very detail oriented and prompt. If you need a reliable agent, Tonya can get the job done. Tonya was very familiar with the Los Lunas area and the market values that are very important in listing your home. She has several Points of Contacts (POCs) in the industry. She is honest and reliable.

5 GaryAdelhardt

She’s awesome. I am a first time home buyer using a VA loan. She has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable and has helped, and continues to help, a great deal. I could not recommend her high enough.

5 user6989806

I can not speak highly enough of Tonya. Tonya is not one of those agents that rely on a high volume of listings to secure sales with no effort. Tonya WORKS very hard to sell homes. She goes far and above what would be considered customary. She keeps her clients well informed and is diligent in getting her clients the best possible deal. I feel that we have been very fortunate to have her work for us.

5 user90613064

We came to Belen in early 2010 , to explore possible move here from Sequim, WA. Both my wife and I grew up on farms, so we wanted a home with room to garden. We must have seen an ad run by Tonya..and contacted her. After bein shown several properties it became apparent that we needed to find a lot that met our gardening needs and build ..That’s what we did..with Tonys’s help all through the process: finding a lot, deciding on a plan, a builder, etc. Tonya even helped take care of a couple disputes with the builder.. If for health reasons, we need to relocate to Albuquerque to be nearer to health care facilities, I surely hope Tonya is available for help with that! We both highly recommend Tonya Bush

5 user2447887

Tonya was extremely helpful and was very professional when it came to us having to go through a short sale of our home. Tonya was on top of everything, providing us with the paperwork needed to complete this sale. I would recommend her services to anyone going through this experience. thank you Tonya!

5 sky913

Tonya worked really hard for us. It only took 6 weeks to sell our house. In our area people have had their house on the market for years. 6weeks sold and made a profit. Outstanding realtor Tonya Bush!!!!!!

5 chiquitamanda777

Tonya was always available when we had question. She was professional and walked us through the whole process. We appreciated her patience with us and good working experience.

5 joteeleerio

We found Tonya to be reliable and dependable plus on the spot with being on top of every moment of buying our perfect home for two retired folks like us. Thank you Tonya

5 brandi76

Tonya went above and beyond while selling my home in a tough market. I couldn’t have asked for more. If I choose to purchase a home again in New Mexico, I will be using her and I won’t hesitate to recommend her to family and friends.

5 johnalcorn9

Tonya was the most patient, knowledgeable , helpful sales professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It took my wife and I weeks to find our house but Tonya never wavered. If you are looking for help in buying/selling then Tonya is your best bet.

5 jrdpt16

Tonya went well above and beyond. With our relocating out of state before our house sold Tonya took on many responsibilities one would never expect from a real estate agent. We are forever grateful.

5 constancebeth4

Tonya is a responsive and knowledgeable no nonsense pro. We live out of state and she got repair estimates, supervised contractors, and we were able to trust her to make decisions on paint and carpet. It was awesome not to have to travel to NM during the selling process. Tonya kept us informed and took care of everything that came up, including dealing with an uncooperative property management company. We highly recommended Tonya to anyone that wants a great realtor who knows her stuff!

5 mhans357

Tonya returned every call and text with answers to my questions. She knows the local area and individual neighborhoods as well as detailed with what is needed in an offer as a buyer’s agent. I appreciated her being there from start to finish including a timeline calendar from accepted offer to close.

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